If you hire a plumber to repair brakes in your almost brand new car, or a seamstress to cook a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for 50, what kind of a result do you expect to see at the end? Of course I doubt you would do something reckless for the given examples. Yet, why would you do the same for your business and paperwork for it?

There are a lot of websites that will write a paper for you, indeed. They all claim to be the most professional, the most reliable and the most trustworthy. But are they?

Starting in advertising in Canada many years ago I have developed needed knowledge for doing business and the ways of its implementation to be successful. More required experience has been gained collaborating with start-ups and mid-class businesses. Those years led to creation of Hip-Shots.com that has been sailing in the world of advertising and business since 2008.

Nowadays, Hip-Shots is a counselor in the world of business, making sure entrepreneurs understand all the significance of their work, a must of collaboration with good writing services when needed, rules of leading a business, the importance of marketing and much more. Join to be up-to-date!

Successful Marketing Comes From Solving Customer NeedsMy Facebook friend, Prof. Christopher Shallow, posted the following tip about successful marketing on his Facebook status:

Solution to price competition is to develop a:

1. Differentiated offer

2. Differentiated delivery

3. Differentiated image

(It is these three that differentiate the successful from the me-too’s!)

His intent, stated later in the thread, was,

…to help small businesses think about how they can solve that well-known problem of thinking that they have to compete on price.

I responded saying, [Read more...]


I worked with a CMO twelve years ago who complained about the changing marketing environment he was forced to deal with.

“It’s so complicated I just don’t know what the right decision is most of the time.”

Take note, this was twelve years ago. Marketing in general, and Relationship Marketing in particular, is a whole lot more complicated today. [Read more...]

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Want to Work Harder? Play with a Dog

by James on May 6, 2011

To work harder you need to keep your perspective and, to keep your perspective, you need to take time for yourself. Whether it’s commuting or an hour at the gym, find and take the time to relax and have some fun.

Consider the following:

  • Tight deadline, go for a walk.
  • Knotty problem, take a nap.
  • Stress-filled argument, play with a dog.
  • Losing your perspective, talk to a teen, or a senior.
  • Writing an angry response, sleep on it.
  • Busy beyond belief day ahead, ride a bike.

Find time for you. Your time will be both more efficient and more enjoyable. You will be better balanced and happier as a result.