Warning: Marketing Creationists Beware
Marketing Evolution is Real

by James on September 18, 2008

@JohnMorton sent a tweet from the OMMA conference in NY.  He reported, “OMMA: the interruption/disruption model of advertising is coming to an end.”  Nice to know.  Except, it’s something that has been happening for ten years or more.

Marketing Evolution

Five years ago, we developed the point of view on the evolution of marketing pictured above. The basic premise was that marketers are no longer in control, that consumers control their consumption of marketing.  The implication, give them valuable content or they will not participate.

At the time, we were helping a CPG client understand relationship marketing.  It was an uphill struggle.  When we presented our point of view it was met with a paradoxical mix of acceptance and cynicism.  Basically, they said they already knew this, and then went about sending mass marketing through direct channels.

Hip Shots

  • Provide relevant content in marketing and advertising and consumers will pay attention.
  • Relevance is dependent on the consumer’s perspective; what they want, when they want it.
  • Find the heavy category / brand users and make your content relevant to them.

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