16 Things Customers Know

by James on November 17, 2008

“The ad agency would be a great place to work if it weren’t for clients.”

Customers are important, they are your business. Without them, your business is nothing more than an ego-driven sinkhole for cash. We wrote about how to understand them from your perspective in Marketing in a Challenging Economy – Best Customers.

Here are some of the things they know about you:

  1. Your products’ strengths.
  2. Your products’ weaknesses.
  3. Where to find your product.
  4. Where to find your competitor’s products.
  5. Your promotion calendar.
  6. What their options are.
  7. Your competition’s strengths and weaknesses.
  8. What they’re worth to you.
  9. They can always vote with their feet.
  10. What they wish you offered.
  11. What frustrates them.
  12. What your “brand” stands for.
  13. What your competitors’ brands stand for.
  14. Where your brand falls short.
  15. Where your competitors’ brands fall short.
  16. What makes them happy.

What else do they know?

Hip Shots

  • View your business from your customer’s perspective. The only “reality” is their reality, and their reality sees the forest not the tree.
  • Humility is important. You aren’t their only choice. They are undoubtedly using your competitors’ products. This is especially true for heavy users.
  • You work for them so treat them well.
  • Listen to what they are saying, and not saying, every chance you get. In fact, make chances to listen to customers.
  • Act on what you hear quickly and decisively, and be sure they know about it. Even if you get it wrong they will give you credit for listening and trying to do something.

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Albert Kaufman November 18, 2008 at 11:33 am

Well, customers probably can find out anything about you they’d like to know including blood type. So, more importantly, I guess is how to convey to them what you’d like them to know about you. I want customers, fellow employees, friends, neighbors and family to know a few basics – that I have integrity. That I am my word. That I will do my best for you. That’s what it comes down to, IMHO.

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