Innovation, Where Can I Find it?

by James on February 23, 2010

As many of you, my loyal readers know I write occasionally about innovation as a marketing growth strategy. It’s an important subject because finding growth through innovation is one of the most reliable strategies a business can use to prosper.

OK, if it’s so important, the question becomes, “Where can I find it?” Well, not here.

This may not be the response you expected so let me explain. My attitude hasn’t changed, I still think it’s a key growth strategy, but more and more the focus of this blog has shifted to customer marketing. This is my number one passion and, while I might be a voice in the wilderness when I go on about how “customers are important” and it’s the “heavy users stupid,” I plan to continue beating the drum.

A brief, but related tangent.

One of my clients is Aperio International, a boutique consultancy in Washinton DC. (I’m consulting to consultants. How cool is that.) I’m working with them on their marketing. Aperio specializes in helping companies optimize intangible assets. They give a business’s people, teams and culture the tools and practices required to drive growth through innovation. It’s powerful stuff and has helped many companies prosper.

So where can you find innovation?

I don’t plan to stop writing about innovation. I’ve just changed the outlet. You will now find my thoughts and ideas in Aperio’s blog. Swing by, take a look, have a read, I think you will find their thinking stimulating.

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