Direct Marketing

10 Things to Consider When Designing a Testing Strategy

December 22, 2008

Beth Harte, who blogs about marketing in The Harte of Marketing, who I respect immensely, recently wrote about Social Media rulesin her post,  “Who Made the Social Media Rules?.” She made the statement, “As marketers it’s our nature to test, test again and re-test…and to push the limits.” Unfortunately my experience has been the opposite.  [...]

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Is Direct Mail Marketing
Right for Your Small Business?

October 16, 2008

A lot of small businesses use Direct Mail marketing.  But, is it the right tactic for your small business?  It can be, but Direct Mail is not as easy to execute successfully as you think it is. Sure, it’s easy to put a flier in an envelope, pay for postage, and off it goes.  All [...]

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Are You Speaking to Your Target or to Everyone?

September 9, 2008

I worked with an account person in Chicago who understood that customers are important and that understanding them, speaking to them in their terms was key for successful direct marketing. One time she was working on a new product launch for our client and needed to write the creative brief. I knew the project had [...]

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