Hire Hipkin

For Growth from Improved Customer Relationships, Marketing Strategy and Innovation


Surrounded by logic but short of ideas?

Does your marketing need a different perspective?

Is your business model in need of refreshing?

Are your best customers leaving for a better offer?

Hire Hipkin. You’ll gain a perspective on your business that’s both fresh and grounded by 30+ years of practical experience. Hipkin is comfortable talking to the C-level but not afraid to get his hands dirty. Working with Hipkin produces insightful ideas that generate results.

Customer Relationship Marketing

Customers are the foundation of a successful business. Best Customers, the customers that provide the majority of sales and profit are the cornerstones of the foundation. Do you really know who they are and what they want?

Best Customer Analysis

An in depth investigation of your best customers: who they are, what they think, and how you can serve them better. Based in behavioral data, and supported by research, the findings are highly reliable and actionable.

Marketing Strategy

The rules have changed. The economy has changed. Marketing Communication has changed. Have you changed your marketing strategy? The simple truth is, “What got you here, won’t get you there.” The position your product owns in the minds of your customers is a vital for competitive differentiation.  Is your positioning going to support future growth?

Positioning Workshop

A half-day session with two follow-up discussions and a written report. This is a disciplined approach to identifying the best positioning for your product or service. The process forces the group to focus on what’s essential from the customer’s point of view.

Innovation for Growth

There is no steady state. You are either growing or declining. To maintain growth, every business needs to change. New products, new business models, new and more efficient ways of doing things. But the predominantly left-brain staff you count on to get the day-to-day work done are ill equipped to drive the innovation required to sustain growth. Hipkin can help.

Innovation Workshop

A series of 3 sessions designed to extract innovative thinking from your team and deliver 2 to 3 innovation insights. Practical ideas that are solidly grounded in your company’s culture and reflective of business reality.

Business Strategy

Does your team push back, do they question what you do and decide, do they challenge the status quo? Probably not, and if they do it’s from the close-in perspective of day-to-day operations personnel. Hipkin has over 30 years experience in business to consumer marketing and advertising. This includes consumer products, durables and services in Canada, Europe and the United States. And Hipkin will push back so if that’s what you are looking for give him a call.

General Consulting

Participation in business planning and ad hoc access is available on a day rate basis.


Would you like double didget growth? Understanding your best customers and the 5 Relationship Marketing Principles will get you there. This presentation is an entertaining discussion of why best customers are so important and how you can use relationship marketing principles to maximize growth by creating added vale for them.

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