This guest post was provided by Vincent O’Brien, a friend and colleague who supports companies in The UK, Europe and North America with sage marketing advice and council.

The title really says it all. There is only one Great British Beer Festival, it’s great, it features British beer and there’s an amount of festivity. The family motto has long been “if it’s cheap buy one, if it’s free take two” and so, having been bought a ticket by a Norwegian friend in London on a beer holiday, I duly went to be beerily festive. [Read more...]


Couple on a canoe tripI grew up in Manotick, Ontario on an island in the Ridaeu River. I’m not trying to get all Huck on you but this experience provided me with a perspective on project management that has served me well.

Living on an island required an early and deep understanding of water. Swimming and canoeing were integral parts of my early life. So much so that I spent two summers, while in college, working for a long distance canoe tripping camp, Camp Outlook. We took under privileged and juvenile delinquent boys and girls on 10 day canoe trips in Algonquin Park.

Hang in there, I’m getting to the point. [Read more...]

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Active seniors excercisingEmail marketing has gone out of fashion. For many marketers it was never a serious contender for budget and now, with the new shiny thing, Social Media, omnipresent, it doesn’t even cross their minds. This is a shame. [Read more...]

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