Business Strategy

It’s the Heavy User, Stupid

July 13, 2010

Heavy users, are market makers. This is a recurring theme here on Hip Shots. Find and connect with the “heavy users” of the category you compete in and and you will find success. From the May 26th edition of AdAge: Demographics have almost no effect on whether TV ads produce sales, and consumers’ purchase history [...]

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Effective Marketing – a Positive Sum Equation

July 9, 2010

Business often thinks about marketing as a zero sum effort. “You pay me this much and I will give you equal value in return.” Well, to be effective, marketing needs to be positive sum. “You pay me this much and I will give you equal value and this much more in return.” This is a [...]

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Three Steps to Being a Successful Entrepreneur

June 29, 2010

I often find my self helping people who want to be successful entrepreneurs, people with an “idea.” When we sit down, it comes as a surprise when I tell them having an idea is the easy part. Ideas, they’re a dime a dozen. Lots of them out there. I probably have two or three a [...]

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