To Find Innovation – Keep Asking “Why?”

December 2, 2009

Finding business innovation ideas isn’t difficult but it can be hard to do. The answers are there if you are willing to work for them. Usually the front-line staff know. The customers definitely know. Business innovation is all around if you are willing and know how to dig for it. An example. When I started [...]

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6 Quick Tips on Assessing Advertising

December 5, 2008

The ad agency or a freelancer you hired to develop advertising is asking you to assess their work. For many business people assessing advertising can be daunting. For them, it’s right up there with Dental Surgery in the fun department. After all, if you could develop the ads you wouldn’t need to hire an outside [...]

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Creativity Doesn’t Happen Just Because

December 2, 2008

I read a great post on Copyblogger, “Do you recognize these 10 mental blocks to creative thinking?“, about creativity and innovation. The author’s ten mental blocks to creative thinking should be posted in every office and conference room to remind everyone that ideas drive business forward. Creativity is everyone’s job. But, creativity and innovation don’t [...]

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