Your Best Pick-Up Line Says About Relationship Marketing

January 19, 2009

A client once told me an interesting story. It was a boy meets girl story that said a lot about relationship marketing. Imagine you are in a bar with the intent of meeting interesting people.  In this situation there are norms of language and dress that are  acceptable. You are dressed to show off your [...]

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The Hidden Workforce
Smart Women Who’ve had Babies

November 14, 2008

I have worked with a large number of very smart women. I’ve reported to them, had them report to me, had them as clients, and worked with them as vendor partners. I’ve experienced them as competitors. Sometimes these smart women make the choice to stay home with children. And sometimes it’s a smart man who [...]

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Customer Relationship Marketing – 5 Guide Posts

August 8, 2008

Customer Relationship Marketing is hard. It’s confusing. “They didn’t teach me any of this in B’school.” Let me help. I’ve done it before. Many times actually. When you develop a Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) strategy there are five guide posts to keep in mind. Each is a subject in its own right so this will [...]

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