Customer Experience

To Find Innovation – Keep Asking “Why?”

December 2, 2009

Finding business innovation ideas isn’t difficult but it can be hard to do. The answers are there if you are willing to work for them. Usually the front-line staff know. The customers definitely know. Business innovation is all around if you are willing and know how to dig for it. An example. When I started [...]

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What Customer Experience Mapping and Canoeing Have in Common

July 23, 2009

I grew up in Manotick, Ontario on an island in the Ridaeu River. I’m not trying to get all Huck on you but this experience provides some perspective on customer experience mapping. Living on an island required an early and deep understanding of water. Swimming and canoeing were integral parts of my early life. So [...]

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Relationship Marketing’s 5th Principle — Relationships at Risk

June 15, 2009

Your best customers often represent 110% or more of your profitability. They are your lifeblood. But, they are often taken for granted. The fifth of the five Relationship Marketing Principles is, “The second most crucial time is when the relationship is at risk.” There was a DirecTV dish on our house we moved to California. [...]

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