Direct Marketing

Question of the Day, “Do online shoppers scan or read?”

December 8, 2008

Conventional direct marketing wisdom says long copy out sells short. Online, conventional wisdom says people scan so keep it short. Which is correct? Probably both, it depends on the circumstances. Many years ago, as a naive Account Executive, I asked the Executive Creative Director to explain why long copy performs better than short copy. Much [...]

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10 Things to Consider When Designing a Testing Strategy

December 22, 2008

Beth Harte, who blogs about marketing in The Harte of Marketing, who I respect immensely, recently wrote about Social Media rulesin her post,  “Who Made the Social Media Rules?.” She made the statement, “As marketers it’s our nature to test, test again and re-test…and to push the limits.” Unfortunately my experience has been the opposite.  [...]

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