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March 11, 2009

If you’re new here and want your Hip Shots delivered to you FREE then subscribe to the RSS feed (Click Here) or you can receive Hipkin’s Hip Shots by email (Click Here). Thanks for visiting!The difficult business environment has me thinking about productivity in the workplace, about doing more with less. In my experience, a [...]

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How to Write a Meeting Agenda – Making PALs

March 9, 2009

Do meetings make you crazy? Personally, I like them. When there’s an effective meeting agenda, it’s a chance to interact with colleagues and share ideas but, when they don’t have structure, when there’s no agenda, they make me crazy too. Like most things, planning is the key to success. There are three broad elements to [...]

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How Do You Lead?

February 4, 2009

Leadership is very personal. There isn’t a right or a wrong way to do it. I’ve seen many styles and almost all have a place. It depends on the situation and the personalities of the leader and those being led. The following is the approach I take to leadership. It works for me and it [...]

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