Online Advertising

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Road Will Do

May 27, 2010

An effective advertising strategy knows what it needs to do, it knows where it’s going and what it’s trying to deliver. This seems simple enough, but I keep seeing posts, here’s one on Biznik, LinkedIn Direct Ads vs. Google Adwords: Which one is better?, and tweets about adverting, that keep missing this fundamental point — [...]

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Hub and Spoke: A Customer Marketing Strategy for the Rest of Us

February 22, 2010

I have a number of what I call bottom drawer clients. These are usually small projects, projects you can fit in a bottom drawer, for very small businesses without a lot of resources. I don’t make much from these clients but I learn a lot working with them, so it’s not completely gratuitous, and they [...]

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Email Marketing – An Effective Strategy is a Teeter Totter

January 28, 2010

Email marketing is often overlooked by businesses looking for effective marketing tactics, especially with all the noise in the business press about Social Media. It shouldn’t be. Email marketing can be an important sales channel and has the added benefit, when done well, of being a branding tool. That’s right, email marketing can be a [...]

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