What the Three Pigs Can Teach Us
About Writing Recommendations

January 7, 2009

The Three Little Pigs of nursery rhyme fame can teach us a lot about writing  recommendations. Specifically, the third little pig knew that a building without structure was destined to fail. A solid structure allows your recommendation to stand up to pressure; what are you recommending, what information is needed to understand the recommendation, why [...]

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Effective Business Communication – Presentations

January 5, 2009

Effective presentations, presentations that sell have three things in common: A clear over arching message or Thread of Steel; Slides that make one point, that answer the “So What?” question; and An understanding that the audience is buying what you are selling not the PowerPoint presentation. Use these tips to help you write your next [...]

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Writing Blog Posts – What Beethoven and Muddy Waters Can Teach Us

August 21, 2008

Writing blog posts can be hard. Writing blog posts that are long can be very hard, hard for you to write and hard for your readers to read. I’m helping my teenage daughter write her first long essay. We are talking a lot about writing and structure.  I used one of her favorite pop songs [...]

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