Direct Marketing

Email Marketing – There’s Still Life in the Old Gal

August 13, 2010

Email marketing has gone out of fashion. For many marketers it was never a serious contender for budget and now, with the new shiny thing, Social Media, omnipresent, it doesn’t even cross their minds. This is a shame.

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7 Things You Should Know About Testing

May 18, 2009

Making decisions about your marketing strategy is hard. Most of the time you are guessing or, said more charitably, using your instincts. Well there is an alternative. You could be testing to see what the best course is. But testing is hard, you need to know math and stuff. Well, not really. Here are 7 [...]

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Customer Attrition – Where does it come from?

March 23, 2009

Customer attrition is a problem for many companies. Why, you ask? Could it be that their sales and marketing strategies are out of alignment? For example, I saw this Tweet this morning, which got me thinking about the relationship between Sales and Marketing. Marketing and Sales are often tasked to bring in customers no matter [...]

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