Should B to B Marketing Support Sales?

October 22, 2009

Last week I presented some thoughts on Customer Marketing to the BMA Product Marketing Round Table in Silicon Valley. It was a good group with lots of questions. If you live in the Bay Area I recommend you attend future events. One area of interest in the Q&A was the relationship between the Sales and [...]

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Selling Ideas – 5 Ways to Make it Easy to Buy

May 26, 2009

Are you in the business of selling ideas? A boss once told me two things. When you are selling ideas: “Make it easy to buy.” and “Take yes for an answer.” Simple and sage advice. Here are five ways you can improve your success selling ideas. Five thoughts / guidelines / principles, five Hip Shots [...]

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Customer Attrition – Where does it come from?

March 23, 2009

Customer attrition is a problem for many companies. Why, you ask? Could it be that their sales and marketing strategies are out of alignment? For example, I saw this Tweet this morning, which got me thinking about the relationship between Sales and Marketing. Marketing and Sales are often tasked to bring in customers no matter [...]

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